Octaspring Technology

Aerospace Technology

Brilliantly innovative, it combines the comfort of foam and the responsiveness of a spring. And it’s clever. Octasprings are designed to move independently in three dimensions. So, working together, they take comfort to a totally new level. Because everybody’s body is unique, we teamed Octasprings of different degrees of firmness into zones. These correspond to different parts of the body and intelligently adapt to your personal size and shape. The result is a uniquely responsive comfort. Smart Comfort. 

Award Winning Aerospace Technology

What makes Octasupport

so smart?

Welcome to the OCTAsupport family

8 in 1 Pillow

The only multi-function pillow you will ever need.

Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow for instant posture therapy.

Seat Cushion

Smart cushion with two comfort sides

Body Pillow

Full body comfort & support.

Half Body Pillow

Pressure relief for your hips, knees & ankles.

Travel Pillow

The coolest travel pillow in the market. Literally!

Proven 8X better pressure relief

Independent laboratory tests showed that Octasupport products will relieve pressure up to 8X better than standard foam pillows. This means you will have less tension on your muscles, your circulation will improve and you will feel comfortable no matter where you are or what you do.