First Class Comfort 24/7

Welcome to the OCTAsupport® family

Just as your phone and TV have become SMART, now so has your comfort. Welcome to OCTAsupport®, the next generation of comfort products. Powered by patented multi-award-winning Octaspring® aerospace technology, we have transformed support products into 3-dimensional comfort “machines”. They adapt to the natural curves of your body, deliver new & better pressure relief, reduce tension and ease aches, all while providing up to 8x better ventilation for a cooler experience. Whether at home, in the office, or on your travels, OCTAsupport® will provide first-class comfort 24/7.

8 in 1 Pillow

The only support pillow you will ever need.

Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow for instant posture therapy.

Seat Cushion

Smart cushion with two comfort sides

Body Pillow

Full body comfort & support

Travel Pillow

The coolest travel pillow in the market. Literally!

Half Body Pillow

Pressure relief for your hips, knees & ankles

First Class Comfort 24/7

No matter where you are at home, at work or on your travels – OCTAsupport® pillows will bring you more comfort wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Powered By Award Winning Octaspring® Aerospace Technology

Octaspring® Aerospace Technology