Half body Pillow

The Half Body Pillow

The Half Body pillow in the Octasupport® lifestyle comfort range is infused with patented OCTAflexTM tube technology to offer specific smart support between your legs, helping to reduce painful pressure in the hips, knees and ankles. Inspired with Octaspring® aerospace technology, it naturally cradles the curves of your body with soft soothing comfort whilst promoting improved spine alignment.

Smart Support for Your Hips, Knees & Ankles

Harnessing the power of Octaspring® aerospace technology, the Octasupport® Half Body pillow is designed to encourage a more relaxed posture during your night’s sleep, allowing you to positively position your legs, hips, knees and, as a result, your spine for well-aligned and well-rested sleep. Rejuvenating your mind, body and soul, the Half Body pillow adds that extra touch of tranquillity to your sleep and is also a great support solution for expecting mums to place under their baby bump for added pressure relief.

Lumbar pillow details

OCTAFLEX support system

The OCTAflexTM support system delivers unrivalled posture correcting comfort, promoting 3-dimensional support for side sleepers when placed in between the knees, and helps to encourage muscle regeneration and reduced tension.

Wellsleep fibres

At the core of the Half Body pillow is a fluffy filling of ultra-fine Wellsleep fibres that furnish your sleep with cloud-like comfort that improves its performance even after long use. Its unique design retains flexibility, keeping the Half Body pillow perfectly plumped during use.

Neotech Cover

Soft to the touch, the Neotech cover is made from high-tech fabric that is naturally hypo-allergenic. AND it’s removable and washable at 30°C, for that extra fresh feel.

OCTAvent™ Air System

Thanks to the OCTAventTM Air System, our Octasupport® Half Body pillow is naturally 8 x more breathable, replacing hot air with fresh cool airflow for longer, cooler sleep.

Promesh Active Ventilation

The Half Body pillow’s Pro-Mesh ventilation panels perfectly enhance our signature OCTAventTM Air System, protecting your comfort with increased air flow and wicking away any unwanted moisture and heat.

Powered by Award Winning

Octaspring® Technology

Proven 8X better pressure relief

Thanks to our independent studies, the Octasupport® Half Body pillow has been tried, tested and proven to promote unrivalled support, improved circulation and relieve hip, knee and ankle pain helping to reinvigorate the comfort of your lower back.




It Literally Breathes

With 3°C cooler comfort technology the Octasupport® Half Body pillow makes all the difference in delivering cooler comfort for longer, thanks to Octaspring’s® 8x more naturally breathable structure.

Superior Support

The Octasupport® Half Body pillow delivers superior support with smart structuring that can adapt to behind your neck, knees and ankles whether you are sitting, sleeping or relaxing. Its sophisticated technology is the perfect remedy for restlessness and can also be used as the perfect pregnancy pillow.




OCTAflex support system

The combination of OCTAflex’s innovative material and design, results in 8x better pressure relief, allowing your spine to take is natural shape with the ergonomic comfort Ecocell®. As a result, the Half Body pillow sustains your support with 3-dimensional support for reduced unwanted pressure on the hips, legs, knees and ankles.

Kind to you

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A selection of the awards we have won:


Octaspring® technology is a pioneering comfort innovation

in the aerospace industry and now we plan to bring the

same star-quality support to your everyday life. 

Product Details

Product Information

The OCTAsupport® half body pillow is designed create healthier spinal alignment and reduce unnecessary stress from your spine, hip, lower back, knees and legs when you sleep on your side. Powered by multi-award winning new Aerospace Technology Octaspring® the patented OCTAflex tube support system at the heart of the pillow conforms precisely to the natural curves of your body, soft enough to feel natural and comfortable between your legs you almost forget it is there. It is responsive enough to help provide the required support for your hips, knees and ankles to help achieve the perfect alignment.

Our signature OCTAvent™ Air system also makes our knee pillow  different, it allows this pillow to actually breathe. It is 8x more breathable than foam pillows, keeping you cooler and drier even after long use.

A more relaxed posture during the night will help improve your sleep quality. Placing it between your knees and ankles – the long pillow allows you to position your legs, hips, knees and spine in a position that allows better rest for your body. It is also a great solution for pregnant women, and can be placed under the belly to relieve pressure.


  • Octaspring® technology

OCTAsupport® products are designed to help give you instant, ergonomic support and improve your posture either when you are sitting or sleeping. The OCTAsupport® half body pillow uses patented OCTAflex tube support system at the heart of the pillow that conforms precisely to the natural curves of your body, helping to relieve tired aching muscles, while the active core provides stability and balance.

  • Wellsleep Fibres

The core of the pillow is filled with ultra-fine, hypo-allergenic Wellsleep fibres, which retains flexibility and improves its performance even after long use. The unique design of the pillow allows it to retain its shape without continuous need of plumping. It is perfect to get more comfortable during sleep or relaxation.

  • OCTAvent™ Air system

Our pillow literally breathes as the signature OCTAvent™ air system makes it naturally 8x more breathable. The open Octaspring® structure keeps you cooler, drier and more comfortable, even after long periods of use.

  • Multi-functional Use

The half body pillow can be used not just as a leg spacer, but also as a support pillow behind your neck, knee and ankles, when you are sitting, sleeping or relaxing. The smart construction of the pillow gives you great support without the need of using several pillows or changing your sleep position - and can even be used as a pregnancy support.

  • Grab & Go handle

The pillow also has a handy Grab & Go handle so it is easy to carry it when you travel.

  • Promesh air panels

The trendy, street edition, ProMesh panels have 2mm diamond shaped vents, that enhances the OCTAvent™ air system and helps increase airflow, to help wick away moisture and body heat, to keep you fresh and comfortable.

  • Neotech wrinkle free cover

The Neotech cover is made from soft to the touch, hi-tech fabric used in casual sportswear. Naturally hypo-allergenic, it is removable and washable at 30°C for extra
freshness. Its non-wrinkle properties will leave no marks on your skin
when you use it.

What our customers have to say

  • Claire Riley

    I sit in an office chair all day – 8 to 10 hours and I feel uncomfortable and unsupported. Having the extra support with the 8 in 1 pillow, it fills the gap in the lower back, gives me much more support and makes me feel much more comfortable.

  • Lucy Armstrong

    Its great. Really supportive where you need it to be. The Octasupport pillow is really good for pregnant ladies in particular, probably the most beneficial thing is that it keeps its structure and shape

  • Sarah Green

    I can’t believe that something as small as the 8 in 1 actually gives me so much support. For my back, behind my neck- the flexibility of it, it keeps my posture good. I just love it!

  • Mark Dobson

    I find the 8 in 1 pillow very versatile. It covers the lower lumbar, the shoulders and the neck. It’s really comfortable and it helps me relax.

  • Debbie Smith

    The best thing I have purchased in a long time. For the first Time in a long time I get a great night's sleep every night. I would highly recommend this product and this great service.

  • Laura

    Such a comfortable night's sleep!!! The pillow has almost stopped my husband snoring, so that's great too!!!

  • Malcolm

    we have had the best nights sleep, for a very long time...10/10

  • Veronica Swindale

    As we get a little bit older comfort becomes very important, anything that helps you get more comfortable you have to take advantage of and this is ideal.

  • Hildi

    I really love both the softer side and the firmer side, it gives me that extra bit of support

  • Jon Aldridge

    Most of my day is spent sat in front of a computer screen so my neck, my back and my posture are important. The seat cushion is very comfortable and I would recommend it.

60+ reviews

60+ reviews

60+ reviews

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